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Ahmad Tea - Magical Blue Christmas Tree 60g szálas reggeli tea

2.990 Ft (2.354 Ft + ÁFA)
Egységár: 49.833 Ft/kg
Elérhetőség: Raktáron


Ahmad Tea - Magical Blue Christmas Tree 60g szálas reggeli tea

To celebrate the holiday season, we've created this Blue Christmas Tree Caddy filled with our invigorating loose leaf English Breakfast blend. The powder blue metal caddy features pretty gilt detailing and a stylish floral snowflake pattern with intricate teacups and spoons. The combination of blue and gold exudes a feeling of royal opulence - ideal for holding such a quintessentially British blend. And with English Breakfast being the nation’s favourite tea, our Blue Christmas Tree Caddy is the ideal Christmas gift for those ‘tricky-to-buy-for’ friends.

To create the blend, our Tea Masters balance malty Indian Assam, brisk Ceylon, and robust Kenyan teas. They use a high proportion of second flush Assam (leaves picked at the peak of their quality) to achieve the blend’s rich, comforting depth. The leaves inside this caddy are foil-wrapped for freshness, so they reach you full of flavour and ready to make the perfect brew. Just add a splash of m

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