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Fullers Past Masters 1909 Pale Ale (500ml, 8.0%)

1.399 Ft (1.102 Ft + ÁFA)
Egységár: 2.798,00 Ft/l
Elérhetőség: Raktáron


Fullers Past Masters 1909 Pale Ale (500ml, 8.0%)

Since 1845, the recipe of every beer brewed at The Griffin Brewery has been handwritten in the Fuller’s brewing books. The Past Masters series is a glimpse into our unique brewing history, re-creating authentic beers from this rich archive.

1909 Pale Ale is the tenth beer in the series and our first re-creation of this popular style. Darker than the pale ales we have come to know, this recipe combined treacle and sugar with malted barley, Goldings hops and the signature Fuller’s yeast for a smooth, well balanced and fruity beer.

As the beer is bottle conditioned, a natural sediment will form. Store upright, pour carefully and enjoy.’

 Tenth in the series 

1909 Pale Ale is the Tenth beer in our celebrated Past Masters series, which sees long-lost recipes revived from our famous brew books. 

Every single afternoon since 1845, the Fuller’s brewing team has diligently written out the ingredients of the day’s brews - and the Past Masters series is a great example of why we do it. Better with age As a bottle conditioned beer, 1909 Pale Ale contains sediment that allows the flavours to develop up until the moment the bottle is opened. This beer should, therefore, be stored upright in a dark place, and poured carefully when served for the best possible results

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